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10 May 2005

Editor's review

The best way to save and enjoy your videos is on your own PC or discs and this can be accomplished with the WinAVI Video Capture.
This powerful capture tool can capture any videos from AV video sources such as a webcam, TV card or video tapes. These can be either saved on your computer or burnt onto a CD/DVD. You have a choice of saving it in different formats such as AVI, WMV, DivX, RM, DVD, VCD, SVCD or MPEG1/2/4 formats, and burn it to DVD, VCD or SVCD discs. It is also possible to record from VHS to DVD. There is a video compress engine which enables the tool to capture the video in the highest quality possible at amazing speeds. You will be able to preview the video while it is being recorded. It allows presetting tasks as well as shutting down after completion of the task.
The interface can be personalized for ease of use and has simple settings to accomplish complex tasks with simplicity.

Publisher's description

WinAVI Video Capture can record the films from your AV device, such as video tapes and web-cam. You can save it on your
computer or burn it to disc. Play it back on your PC & home DVD player.
It can save the film in AVI, WMV, DivX, RM, DVD, VCD, SVCD or MPEG1/2/4 formats, and burn it to DVD, VCD or SVCD discs.
Powerful video compress engine makes the perfect video quality at high speeds. Just enjoy your own personal AV studio on
your PC.
1.Supports video tape, web-cam, TV card and other AV devices.
2.Supports almost all video output formats, including AVI, WMV, ASF, DivX, Xvid, RM, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and MPEG1/2/4.
3.Supports recording from VHS to DVD.
4.The powerful video compress engine can capture video in perfect quality at the fastest speed.
5.Includes Real Dolby AC3 audio encoder.
6.Includes Real DVD Navigator encoder.
7.Powerful AV technology, lower CPU requirement.
8.Fast capture and record.
9.Supports burn DVD,VCD, and SVCD discs.
10.Supports previewing the video while you are recording.
11.Supports power off automatically after the copy.
12.Supports prearranged tasks¡ªset the start and finish time with your record.
13.Personalized interface.
WinAVI Video Capture
WinAVI Video Capture
Version 2.0
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User comments

Mike Macur
All I can do is watch TV. It recognises my HVR900 capture card, but can`t configure anything. will capture MPeG2, but not xvid/divx. won`t record sound at all. seems to be mega unfinished product.probably why it`s free. Pity coz I have tried winaviconverter, which is pretty good and fast(but also seems a little unfinished)
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